star "I want my teacher to like me."
star "I want to get on the 'A' team."
star "I need a good friend."   
star "I wish she could be nice to me."
 star "I wonder what I'm good at."   
star "I want to switch schools."
star "I wish I could get along with my new mom."

These are examples of day-to-day issues that can make or break a child's week, school year, even life. They can bring down self-esteem, prevent relationships from building, and hinder healthy emotional development.

Kids Life Coach is here to help. As a certified Kids Life Coach, I coach youth in how to approach, in a positive, beneficial way, specific life circumstances where they currently want a change. I help youth work through their identified issues using their own strengths and understanding of the circumstances to problem-solve, which builds their confidence and expands the possibilities in their own minds. Many times, short-term goals similar to those listed above are transformed into positive life mindsets for the long road ahead in years to come.

Kids Life Coach is for kids (and their parents) to identify and meet specific goals in the short-term. This is not long-term therapy. With therapy, a mental illness is assumed, diagnosed, and permanent on the child's medical record. Coaching is different in that it helps children and their parents get through an issue they haven't been able to resolve on their own or progress toward their goal. Coaching assumes the child and parent come from a healthy place needing some expanded awareness and empowerment to identify solutions. See How Coaching Works.

Connie Sheehan's background is one of counseling children and family for more than 25 years. She is a board-certified life coach by the Center for Credentialing & Education, which is the body that certifies life coaching and verifies a masters in counseling, required coaching coarses, coaching hours, and passing an exam. She also has a master's degree in counseling psychology. Connie prefers helping children through coaching versus therapy as it focuses on the positive and present-day goals. Read more in About Me.

If you have a pressing goal deeply affecting your child, I encourage you to try Kids Life Coach. Trust your child to discover the right path toward identifying and meeting his or her goals. When they build their own road, they're more likely to walk down it.